Keith Bryan

Keith Bryan, Lead Pastor

In 2002, Keith left full-time ministry to raise his 4 children (2 girls, 2boys) alone for about 10 years. This time of being a single parent in a tumultuous season of transition transformed his life and ministry. He has used these experiences to grow closer to God. He excels in the areas of restoration, mercy, and grace. One of the best compliments he receives is, "He's real!" From his heart, he believes, "People need hope, not our religion and rules." Keith focuses his ministry and vision to accomplishing two main goals: to love God, and to love people. He believes when we honor Jesus’ decree that these are the two most important things, the other pieces will fall into place.


Children: Olivia (26) Allie (24) Murphy (20) and Korbin (17)

Sports: Football