Dream Team Coordinator

Michael Noel, Secretary/Treasurer and Dream Team Coordinator
cell: 504-559-5762
Email: noel.michael1@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michael.noel.9?fref=ts
Mike's life has been changed by the life-giving ministry of Life Fellowship. He is honored to now be a part of helping others find fulfillment by living out God's purpose for them on the Dream Team. Through our Growth Track Discovery 201, he helps others take a look at how God has uniquely created each of them. He then works to connect each person to a ministry that fits their pesonality and allows them to serve using the gifts and passions that God has given them. Mike and his wife, April, have one son, Christopher and enjoy spending time with their Life Fellowship family. Mike also serves as a Deacon and leads the Media Team which produces our online experience.